Frequently Asked Questions

What is the education system / approach adopted by the school?

– Compatible with the Ministry of Education

– Eclectic Approach

– Multiple Intelligence Model

Is toilet training provided?

– Yes

What materials are the toys mainly made of?

– Wooden

Who teaches the branch lessons?

– Classroom Teachers

– Trained Experts

Who accompanies children on school trips?

– Executives

– Teachers

How is security provided?

– Camera

Are meals prepared at school or from outside?

– Prepared at school

What are the branches of the teachers in the school?

– Pre-school teacher

– Music teacher

– Aerobic Teacher

– Values Teacher

– Mind Games Teacher

– Psychological counselor

What skills are aimed at gaining in children's games?

– Rough Motor Skills

– Fine Motor Skills

– Hand-Eye Coordination

– Reasoning Skills

– Communication Skills

– Intelligence Development

– Emotion Development

– Language / Speech Development

– Self Development

– Independence

How often does the counselor interview the students?

– Once a month