Health and Food

Healthy Foods in Our Kitchen

  • In our menus, peanuts and their derivatives, mustard products, crustaceans, lupine products and molluscs are not used in our kitchens so as not to pose an allergen risk.
  • Honey is supplied as strained hive honey from Erzincan.
  • Our organic eggs are roaming chicken product from Çatalca.
  • Tarhana (Soup) is a household product in Devrekani district of Zonguldak province.
  • Brand of Torku is used in all oils.
  • Butter is made in the Of which is district of city Trabzon.
  • Milk used in making yoghurt is supplied from the Kastamonu local products market Üçyüzlü branch.
  • Garlic is supplied from Taşköprü district of Kastamonu province.
  • Tomato paste is supplied from Kilis province.
  • Olive oil is supplied from Kilis province and Ayvalık district of Balıkesir province.
Two cute proud young chefs with a little boy and girl standing back to back in the kitchen in their white uniforms and toques with folded arms smiling at the camera